Major Changes to Egyptian Legislation in 2020, Senate & Administrative

Creation Of A New Senate. Bill passed JUNE 7, 2020 establishing 300-seat Senate in which 1/3 is elected through a list system, 1/3 is elected individually, and 1/3 is appointed by the president. The bill also sets a 10% quota for female Senators.

Ministerial Investment Committee (Decree 38 of 2020). Bill passed JANUARY 6, 2020 establishing a Ministerial Investment Committee chaired by the Prime Minister to replace the Ministry of Investment; responsible for encouraging investment promotion, setting venture and foreign direct investment (FDI) policies in Egypt; will also oversee investment dispute resolution

Amendments to the Unified Building Code (Law 119 of 2008). Preliminary approval granted by Parliament MARCH 9, 2020 Streamlining procedures and cutting red tape for obtaining building permits, which would last for three years; Imposing harsher penalties on violators and state officials found guilty of not enforcing the code, especially for building on agricultural land

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