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Welcome to TSMARTAPP a game-changer in providing legal services. You can receive any contract, form a company, legal consultation or register a copyright, legal analysis or legal translation by using TSMARTAPP. Our AI lawyer will provide you with quick answers for your legal queries, or contract templates.
Further, if you want a specialized lawyer response to any corporate legal services,
TSMARTAPP powered by Tahoun Law Firm provides all such services through TSMARTAPP efficiently and diligently without wasting your time visiting lawyer’s office.
If you want a contract through our AI Specialized Lawyer, click on Contracts. If you want to form a company, please click on company formation. If you want a legal consultation through our AI Specialized Lawyer, click on Legal consultation. If you want to copyright registration, please click on copyright registration. If you want us to review any legal document, please click on legal analysis. If you want professional legal translation services, click on Legal Translation. 
You can get all services by registering membership.
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