Egypt’s Parliament amends law to give more incentives for public institutions to set up non-profit universities

The Egyptian parliament approved several amendments to a draft law submitted by the cabinet that aims to give public institutions more incentives to set up non-profit universities.

The parliament discussed government-drafted amendments to Law 12/2009 regulating the performance of private and non-profit universities.

According to the parliament approval, the new incentives will allow public institutions to have a say in drafting and changing the internal bylaws of non-profit universities as well as have access to the social services provided by these universities

A report prepared by the parliament’s Education Committee also said two articles of the law will be amended. “Article 18 of the law will be amended to state that ‘a Private Universities Council’ will be created and that this council will be affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and chaired by the Minister of Higher Education,” said the report, adding that “the first article speaking about “the Council of Private and Non-Profit Universities ” will be changed to be “the Council of Private Universities and the Council of Non-profit Universities.

The report said the above amendments are in line with Article 21 of the constitution, which calls for encouraging the setting up of non-profit universities. “As a result, the law was passed in 2009 to allow the setting up of non-profit universities, and right now we have seven non-profit universities while several ministries and institutions are showing greater interest in establishing such kinds of universities.

moreover, the report indicated that the amendments also aim to define which institutions have priority access to the social work services offered by non-profit universities to those public institutions which contributed to their establishment. “These institutions have the priority to have access to social work services offered by non-profit universities because they are the ones who took the initiative of establishing such kinds of universities,” said the report, adding that “the amendments will stipulate these public institutions which participated in setting up non-profit universities to approve the drafting and the changing of the internal bylaws of these universities.”

Accordingly, “All of these are incentives aim to encourage public institutions to build more and more non-profit universities,” the report said.

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